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The ATL family is always growing, as such, we have grown out of our small office. The decision was made to gut the inside of the workshop and build a work space that was designed for our specific needs.  

Halls place in Christchurch houses ATL as well as our sister businesses; Onfarm Data & Onfarm Solutions. All told there are a combined office staff of 25, with an additional 25 on the road. 

The workshop next door was bought and subsequently jazzed up for the Onfarm Data team. With enough space for a production line, staff and team making facilities. 

The small original office, which housed the Onfarm Solutions & ATL teams, was demolished. Making way for the new showroom, cafe, upstairs bar and open plan office.

During construction ATL moved to a temporary office in Woolston. Onfarm Solutions rented a portocom and portoloo and plonked themselves in the car park, close to their production line. 

After a few months the shiny new building was complete. Equipped with a fresh white paint job, we were all ready to move in. 

Today, the building still has some work that needs done.
The concept for the showroom has been drafted and it is expected to have it's grand opening by mid year. 
The open plan office is currently stocked with computers on tressle tables, but also smiling faces. 

Keep an eye out for the next update!

Designed by 1Point618 Architecture | Built by Avon Dickie Construction