Control4 Smart Lighting

Control4 Smart Lighting

Wow your friends with smart lighting in your home. 

Automated lighting is a simple way to make a huge impact on the ambience of your home. Dimmable lighting creates your ideal atmosphere, no matter the room. 

This ATL designed Control4 package allows automation for dimmable lighting control of 6 x lighting circuits in your home. 


What else can I do?

The options are endless with customised home automation. 


Use a sensor to have lights turn on to 30% between certain hours - Get a glass of water at midnight without the brightness of full strength lighting. 


Dim lighting to 60% as a default to save on power bills. 


Turn off all your lights at once by setting a 'goodnight' button. 


Make a scene:

Combine lighting with other smart products in your home to create 'scenes'.
Hit 'goodnight' to lower blinds, turn off the inside lights, lock the front door and set the alarm. 


Add smart products as you acquire them.

The CA-1 controller is the brain of your smart home system. Control lighting, air conditioning, door locks, cameras, sensors, shades, and more.


This package includes:

  • 1 x Control 4 CA-1 controller
  • 6 x Control 4 customisable keypads with dimmers 
  • 6 x keypad faceplates
  • Installation and commissioning

 *Button engraving is additional

A home visit must be carried out before installation