Mitsubishi Electric LN Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric LN Heat Pump

All ATL heat pump prices are inclusive of standard installation.


With 3 distinctive colour choices, the range redefines personalised comfort and style and is packed with advanced features including Dual Barrier Coating maximising energy efficiency, a 3D i-See Sensor for customised comfort and Plasma Quad Filtration. Furthermore, HyperCore Technology is standard on the 2.5-5kW capacities guaranteeing full heating to -15°C



The patented Mitsubishi Electric Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the heat pump; keeping your heat pump clean year-round.Blended “fluorine particles” prevent hydrophilic dirt penetration and “hydrophilic particles” prevent hydrophobic dirt from getting into the air conditioner. As a result the patented dual coating on the inner surface continues to keep key internal heat pump components clean.



The Black Diamond Series is specifically designed to provide powerful heating, even on those freezing cold days. The Black Diamond Series 2.5 – 5kw capacities come standard with Hypercore Technology, providing powerful heating so your room heats up fast and stays warm when you need it most.



While ordinary heat pumps produce less heat below 7°C, only Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore® Technology guarantees its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C so you get all the heat you paid for.If you experience cold temperatures and/or high humidity during the winter months then a HyperCore high wall is perfect for you. It is the only heat pump guaranteed to produce its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C, HyperCore ensures superior heating performance, regardless of outdoor temperatures.



With Mitsubishi Electric built –in Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control you can pre-heat or cool a room no matter where you are. On the way home, running late, coming home early, or even when you're in a different country, with Wi-Fi Control you'll always arrive home to total comfort regardless of what New Zealand's unpredictable weather is doing outside!



Hands free heat pump operation is now a reality. Any Mitsubishi Electric heat pump that is connected with Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control can now utilize an Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker to control the temperature in the home with simple voice commands.Coming home carrying the shopping? Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Hands full during family playtime? Searching for the remote control in a dark room? This will be a thing of the past – now you can simply talk to your heat pump!


Installed price is based on a standard back to back installation, within 30kms of Chch CBD. A free site visit will be required to confirm whether installation is standard and that the selected unit is the correct size for the desired space.