Unifi Network Package

Unifi Network Package

Upgrade your home WiFi and take advantage of your homes high-speed internet


Ditch the free combination modem/router/switch you received from your internet provider. If you are looking for a reliable, fast connection to your internet; invest in a new router, switch & wireless access points. 


Wireless access points 

Have you noticed you lose WiFi signal in certain parts of your home? 
Your home has 'dead spots' where you are either too far from the router, or the signal can't get to your device (like through concrete walls). 


A wireless access point is the source of the Wi-Fi signal. Being able to place this small piece of equipment, independent of the router and switch, gives you the ability to position it centrally. Therefore, more of your home is covered. 


Hard wired equipment

Although your phone works perfectly over Wi-Fi, streaming the weekly family movie over Wi-Fi while others are on the network can cause disruption. 

Do you and the kids like to game online? Hardwiring your PC or Console is an effective way of reducing lag. 


get the most out of your smart products. 


This package includes:

  • Ubiquiti UnifFi Dream Machine
  • UniFiSwitch 
  • Ubiquiti Access Point
  • Patch lead