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Trade up to Mitsubishi Electric
and get $300 incl. GST off your New Heat Pump  

*Terms & Conditions 

  • This is for replacing an existing heat pump - New Heat Pump will remain in the same locations

  • Pipework to be Re-used - using Mitsubishi Electric Pipe Re-Use Tech

  • Power Supply to be Re-used. 

  • Completely New Mitsubishi Electric Supply and Install may still quality for up to $150 incl. GST off. 

  • Must be Completed by the 29th February 2024 

Pipe Re-Use Technology 

8203000 ATL Social 1080x1080 OCT 2023-7.jpg
Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay VL250 under ceiling unit.jpg


Mitsubishi Electric VL250 Lossnay system with 4 outlets from $4,999.00


  • under-ceiling mounted Lossnay unit

  • circular outlets (one more can be added for $249)

  • circular "return air" intakes

  • full installation and commissioning.

8203000 ATL Social 1080x1080 OCT 2023-15.jpg

Upgrade your Existing Hot Water to Aquacore by BDT
Pricing Starting from $6999.00  incl. GST

General Info

  • This is for Upgrading your existing Hot Water System to Heat Pump How Water.

  • Existing Hot Water Cylinder should still be in good condition. 


*Terms and Conditions

  • Must be Completed by the 29th of February 2024 

 For more Detailed product info see - Aquacore by BDT

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