Ducted heat pump grilles in a living room


Create a comfortable, even temperature throughout your home, all year long.

If you are looking for a way to heat & cool your entire home, a ducted heat pump system is a fantastic solution.

A hidden unit sits inside the roof cavity, quietly pushing air through the ducting and out through the grilles in each room. 

A ducted heat pump is designed specifically for your home. 

Discreet design

A ducted heat pump system is designed to not be seen or heard. If your system is working effectively, you won't know it's there at all. 

The unit itself is contained in the roof cavity with discreet grilles in each room.

Grille Options

Don't be limited to plastic white outlets. Grilles can be customised to fit your home aesthetic.

From black to white, plastic to custom anodised aluminium, ATL Heat Pumps can create a custom grille set for any home. 

Wifi zone control

Easily access and control your Mitsubishi Electric ducted heat pump system with the mobile app. Set schedules and provide heating & cooling to only those rooms which need it.

Combine fresh air and heat recovery

Insulated homes are incredibly effective at keeping homes cool or warm, regardless of what the weather is like outside. This weather tightness limits the amount of fresh air in your home. 

A fresh air and heat recovery system removes the stale air from your home while introducing pre-cooled or pre-heated fresh air.