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EV Charger Installation Specialists

At ATL Electrical, we provide leading expertise in ev home charger installations within the Christchurch region. Whether you are looking to install an EV charger at your home, apartment or business, our team of friendly electricians will be on hand to help you make the best choice for your EV and property. 

Home charging

Our local electrical specialists will install an Envex EV charger at your property, ensuring a reliable and safe at-home EV charging experience. 

Employee home charging

We help employers provide EV chargers at their employee's homes. This can include installation, monitoring, annual checks, and de-installation.

Apartment charging

Unlike home charging, apartment buildings require smarter EV technology due to energy constraints. Our team will help you understand the important factors involved with apartment installations. 

Business charging

With a range of EV chargers and accessories available, we can install a charging point to compliment your commercial property and suit your business and employee needs.

Your EV Charger Installation

Christchurch commercial and home EV charger installations

If you are looking to install an EV charger at your property, contact our Christchurch team today for support with any installation needs. 


Our team are experts in the electrical industry and are committed to delivering safe, reliable electric car charging solutions. We will arrive at your home or site and provide you with a free quote.

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