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The ATL Electrical team specialise in industrial electrical and automation, at the highest level. From project design, implementation and commissioning; to our on-site maintenance service.

We work hard to get your automation & electrical right. by hyper familiarising ourselves with your installation, we can fix any disruptions promptly.

We understand that a breakdown can result in thousands of dollars per hour of lost revenue. To address this, ATL has a service team available 24/7, for emergency repairs. ATL go the extra mile to have you back up and running as soon as we can, so your business can resume normal operations.

Whether you need a service technician, a new system designed from the ground up, or want to expand your existing machinery; we’ll work closely with you to build the solution that works best for your needs – safely, efficiently, and on time.

We love a challenge. Get started and contact ATL today on 0800 555 770.

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