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Choosing the correct size and type of heat pump is essential to heat & cool your home effectively. 

If the unit is not powerful enough to heat the room it is located in, the heat pump will use a huge amount of energy trying to bring the room up to temperature. 

If the unit is too big? Too much heat will be emitted and will go to waste. 

What else to consider?

  • Insulation
    The amount of heat loss your home experiences will also dictate the kilowatts required to keep your room warm. 

  • Room orientation 
    If your room sees little sun, you may lose more heat than a north-facing room and the unit will need to compensate. 

  • Outdoor conditions
    A home in Canterbury experiences weather extremes. Your heat pump will have to heat and cool in both extremes.

Take the guesswork out of buying a heat pump with a free in-home consultation by the experts at ATL Heat Pumps

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