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Heat pumps cleaning and servicing


Keeping your heat pump in good working order requires little effort, but can extend the life of your heat pump significantly.


When debris builds up, efficiency drops, health is affected and the lifespan of your unit shortens.

So, what should you do?

Clean your filters every season

  • Pop open the front cover with your hands at either end of the unit. The filters will slide out easily.

  • Rinse or vacuum the filter and gently shake dry, if required.

  • Slide the filters back in place, and replace the front cover.


Follow this handy guide on how to clean your heat pump filters. 

Regular servicing 

A full heat pump service is beneficial for multiple reasons. The following list outlines why you should have a service completed, annually. 

Efficient running

A comprehensive service will check gas levels, drains, fans, wiring and coils; among others. All these elements working together ensure your heat pump is pumping out hot and cold air, as efficiently as possible. 

Health & well-being

Hayfever sufferers will appreciate a clean heat pump. Clean filters are more effective at catching debris and conditioning the air that passes through the unit. 

A Longer life

Regular heat pump maintenance is important to anything mechanical. Keep your heat pump running as well as it can, for as long as it can. 

Is your heat pump misbehaving?

If you're experiencing a leaky heat pump or a longer than usual defrost cycle, the team at ATL Heat Pumps can help. 

Our technician will troubleshoot over the phone and try to identify the issue. In some cases, they may need to inspect the unit physically. 

Heat pump outdoor unit
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