ATL started out in 2007 in Christchurch as Automated Technologies. With two electricians and a passion for automation, a company was born!

The two quickly found themselves in high demand and expanding. Since then, ATL has found it's electrical division skyrocket, with heat pumps and security divisions being founded alongside. 

These days you'll find 30 multi-disciplined staff working on residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Our fearless leaders have also branched out into new business ventures, which are complimentary of the work ATL Electrical are best at.

Brett and Gary are very hands-on with all three businesses.

Brett is the managing director of ATL. As well as overseeing the day-to-day running of ATL, you will also find him head down working on a project or out on-site. Brett has an ambitious plan for ATL, so keep your eyes peeled for where we pop up next. 

Gary has shifted focus to growing the Onfarm brands. As director of both businesses, Gary splits his time between New Zealand, Australia, the US and any other country with a dairy industry. 

More about the Onfarm brands -

Onfarm Data:

ATL has worked with Onfarm Data since the companies inception in 2017. Onfarm Data develop and provide soil monitoring equipment and software, weather stations, pressure sensors and a range of monitoring devices. 

Find out more about Onfarm Data here

Onfarm Solutions:

ATL and Onfarm solutions have worked together since the beginning of 2008 to design and build the Teatwand systems. Systems which are used around the world. 

Operating from the same office and workshop has worked a treat. Electricians from ATL assist engineers at Onfarm, on the production line. 

Find out more about Onfarm Solutions here.


Work was recently completed at ATL's Christchurch headquarters.
With 30 staff at ATL and 16 others in our sister companies, the cramped office and workshop weren't cutting the mustard. 

The existing office inside of the workshop was demolished to make way for a new showroom, office, toilet block, cafeteria and sneaky upstairs bar. 

Onfarm Data moved into the workshop and office next door. Giving them some breathing room and space to set up their own production line. 

Onfarm Solutions and ATL have split the workshop and office down the middle. An open-plan office ensures there are no communication barriers.

Work on our new base was completed by the talented team at Avon Dickie Construction.

From electrical to automation, heat pumps and security; we can help. 


At ATL we bring our best to everything we do, whether changing a light bulb, installing a heat pump, or rewiring an entire hotel. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. They enable us to deliver outstanding results to our customers. 

Accept the challenge

We have a saying around here. If we can't do it, we'll learn how. This value is integral to how experienced our team are. Without this mantra, our team would not have the vast range of skills our customers rely on. 

We don't back down from a challenge, we embrace the opportunity. 

Play as a team

The team at ATL are a tight knit group. We're there for each other. 
The guys often pitch-in outside work hours. Whether it's helping finish off a job or ensuring no beers go to waste at a BBQ, the team will show up for each other.

Pride in your work

ATL have a certain sense of pride in the work we carry out. attention to detail is key in the work we do. Our customers expect a high level of service, quality and safety for their projects.

Do the right thing

This value speaks for itself. Always do the right thing, for not only yourself but others. 

Go the extra mile

ATL's electricians aren't satisfied doing the bare minimum. The team want to leave every site better than they found it. You can count on ATL to keep your home or work site clean, tidy and safe.

A positive attitude


Keeping a good attitude keeps everyone happy! Keep yourself smiling and you'll feel better for it. 

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