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Whether you are starting your smart home journey from the beginning, or love to tinker with technology, ATL Electrical can tailor a bespoke solution, just for you. We provide the home automation Christchurch locals can rely on because we tailor each solution to meet their needs. 

In a smart home, you can integrate all of your smart products and appliances, making them controllable through a central interface using an internet connection.

Control lighting, entertainment, security, and comfort. Come home to an environment where everything’s matched to your needs, and each element can be automated or controlled at the touch of a button.

The ATL Electrical team will be more than happy to tailor a smart home solution to meet your needs. If you can dream it, we can do it.


Stream music to every room and distribute 4k video throughout your home. Create an unmatched ​home theatre experience.


Automate heating, cooling, ventilation and blinds to keep your house energy efficient & comfortable.

Arrive home to the perfect temperature every time.


Automated lighting creates the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. Create functional scenes by combining smart elements in your home.


Keep your home safe and secure from anywhere in the world. Monitor cameras, alarms and intercom from your mobile device, no matter where you are. 


A smart home is a house which integrates smart products & appliances, making them controllable through a central interface using an internet connection. 


Control lighting, entertainment, security & comfort.



Almost anything. A smart home is bespoke to each home and its owners.


You may like your security and lighting to work together, to simulate occupancy when you're away from home.

Maybe you're an entertainer and would like to control multiple audio and video zones throughout the home. Set these from your phone, tablet, TV or in-wall touch panel. 


The smart home technology that we work with can be adapted to any number of different settings or scenarios.

You can pre-set 'scenes' for all types of scenarios; like when you arrive home. When opening your garage door, the alarm is disarmed, the hall and living room are illuminated, and your favourite playlist comes on. All from the one action.

Smart home automation allows you to enjoy the very best in convenience, practicality, and comfort. With their new smart home, Christchurch residents can experience the brand-new home that they’ve always wanted or breathe new life into the home where they already live.

Smart home automation lets you set scenes for all the ways that you use your home. From dimming the lights and playing relaxing dinner music, to create a ‘party scene’ where the lights are raised and your favourite tunes start pumping, there’s a ‘scene’ for every occasion.


Frequently asked questions

What is home automation?

Automation is the process of replacing human interaction with technology. When referring to home automation, you are replacing a manual operation with an automatic action. 

For example, instead of switching on multiple switches by hand when you arrive home, an automated home could be programmed to turn on lights based on your proximity. 

What is the best home automation system?

The best home automation system for you will depend on what you are trying to achieve, budget & the technology you already have in your home. 


Many things can be achieved with DIY products, however, if you are interested in a truly automated home, speak with an expert

Are smart homes worth it?

A professionally installed smart home is designed to make your life easier.

All of your smart devices are seamlessly orchestrated to make your home more user friendly. 

This is often the downside of DIY smart home products. Any benefit is negated by the issues connecting, installing and maintaining the product or system. 

Speak with a Control4 expert

Contact Your Local Smart Home Experts Today

When they want an efficient and reliable smart home, Christchurch residents turn to the team at ATL Electrical. Our years of experience have allowed us to work with builders and architects on stunning new constructions, as well as with existing homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s features and functionality.

Talk to our team about the benefits that you would like to gain from your home automation. Christchurch residents can make a home more accessible and inviting when they integrate the smart home automation system that’s right for their needs.

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