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Holly Road is a fantastic example of making your life easier through home automation.

The owners of Holly road approached our consultants after doing their own research into home automation. After a diligent investigation into what set-up would work best, the couple made the decision to install a Control4 system. 

One of the owners has a disease that limits their ability to use their hands. The home has been designed in a way that they are able to be home without care. 

ATL Electrical carried out the electrical installation alongside the automation team. 


All electrical work in the home was carried out by ATL's qualified electricians.

The electrical team worked in tandem with our automation technicians. This meant the clients did not pay for products through the electrician, which would not be needed after the automation products had been installed. 

The entire electrical process was a smooth one with clear communication in-house. 



  • In-ceiling speakers distribute music in multiple zones throughout the home.

  • A home theatre system in the living room creates a cinematic experience right at home

  • high-quality video is distributed to multiple homes, from the data rack hidden in the garage. 


  • Heated towel rails are all connected to the system. Allowing schedules and remote control. 

  • Blinds, curtains and windows are opened and closed on a schedule or by a connected mobile device. 

  • Gardens are watered through an irrigation system connected to Control4. Schedule waterings and skip a day depending on the weather conditions. 


  • Smart lighting allows all of the home's lights to be scheduled or controlled as a group. An 'all off' button turns all lights in the home off.

  • High-speed internet throughout the home supports the Control4 system. Without a reliable network, the system will not perform.


  • The video intercom paired with a Yale door lock allows the owners to let in guests and delivery drivers without rushing to the door to answer. 

  • The alarm system is managed through the Control4 system. 


Custom scenes are simply a combination of actions that happen at once. 

The keypads next to the bed in the master suite include a button named 'goodnight'. Hitting this turns all of the lights, music & Tv's off on the ground floor, as well as setting the alarm for that floor. 

Final Verdict

Holly road is a comfortable, safe and most importantly, accessible home for a retired couple with a keen interest in technology. 

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