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The Mitsubishi Electric under-ceiling Lossnay systems are extremely well-engineered, and are to provide your home with fresh, filtered air.


The system removes the stale, humid air from inside your home, and replaces it with fresh, filtered air from outside. Not the roof space. Removing this air from your home will help reduce crying windows and frames at your place.


It will recover up to 90% of the heat energy from the air being removed, and passes that heat energy to the fresh air coming in.


The filters can be changed by you, saving you spending money on expensive technicians doing the same job. 


You can set up your system to work harder or easier to suit your family's lifestyle. For example,if you want extra ventilation to happen when you all get home, or for the system to slow right down when everyone is in bed, you can set this up in the "timing feature".


It's very energy efficient, as it does not create heat but utilises the heat already inside your home. 


If you would like to see if this amazing system will work for you and your home, give us a call for a free no-obligation quote.

A well ventilated home is paramount in creating a healthy, dry and comfortable environment. 

The homes being built today are incredibly air-tight in comparison to homes built the decade before. In winter, condensation and stale air build up in your home. 

A ventilation system works to bring fresh air into the home in an unassuming way. 

Mitsubishi Electric's Lossnay system draws fresh air from outside and recovers 85% of the heat energy as the fresh air interchanges with the cool, stale air.

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay VL under ceiling infographic
  • Will the Lossnay help to reduce the moisture inside my home?
    It definitely will. While not a dehumidifier, it does remove the air from inside your home, taking the moisture with it.
  • Does the Lossnay pull the air down from the ceiling space?
    No it doesn't. Instead of pulling dirty air down from your ceiling space, it brings in fresh air from outside, passes it through its filters, then distributes this fresh clean air throughout your home.
  • How does the Lossnay retain up to 90% of the heat energy from the air being taken out of my home?
    The air leaving your home passes through a core inside the Lossnay which takes up to 90% of the heat energy from it, and passes that through the core to the fresh, clean air being introduced to your home.
  • How efficient is the Lossnay to run?
    While it's hard to put a dollar figure on it, the VL-250 model will use between 11w and 106W (30% airflow up to 100% airflow). The VL-350 uses between 19W and 155W (30% airflow up to 100% airflow). This is incredibly efficient on power!
  • Is the Lossnay a heater as well as a ventilation system?
    No it isn't, you'll still need a heat source to help warm your home.
  • Is the Lossnay unit actually quiet?
    The Lossnay system is exceptionally quiet, starting from 15 dB. Since the Lossnay units aren't a heating device there is no compressor, making it exceptionally quiet.
  • Can the Lossnay have a timer set up so that it can run at different times of the day to match my family's movements?
    Absolutely! The timer is easy to use, and you can set on/off times, as well as different fan speeds.
  • Do I need to pay a specialist to change the filters for me, or can I do it myself?"
    No need for a specialist technician here. You can purchase the filter medium from local companies throughout New Zealand, and you can replace the filters yourself.
  • How often do the filters need replacing?
    It depends on how much filtration the filters need to do, but once every 12 months is normally fine.
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