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Power your home with Sunlight. Our sun produces a huge amount of energy, this natural energy can be harnessed into powering your home. This will ultimately benefit you by many ways.


Solar panels are an excellent method to maintaining control over your energy consumption, producing your own green renewable energy, and by becoming more self-sufficient.

ATL can help you achieve this goal by providing you with a free quote, speak with our solar experts today!

Or scroll down below to learn about what solar can do for you.

Back up during power cuts

Solar is a fantastic way to protect yourself in an electrical emergency. you can have the ability to have an emergency power supply to essential devices in your home.

Add value to your home

 As more and more Kiwi's are turning to Solar, studies have shown that having solar installed can increase the value of you home.

Lessen your energy costs

Energy costs are rising everyday, protect you and your family by slashing your power bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Having an efficient energy home you are reducing your carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable future for like minded Kiwi's.



When the sunlight shines, the solar panels absorb the light, which is then transformed into clean and green DC (Direct Current) electricity. This passes through an inverter, which transforms DC electricity to AC (alternating current) electricity, therefore it is able to be used in your home.

What ATL can offer you:

Get in touch with ATL and we can get solar energy to your homes. We will arrive at your home or site and provide you with a free quote.

We will discuss what options are best for you, your home and the investment you will be adding to your home.

Our expert solar technicians are all qualified master electricians and we use the leading products in the solar industry for your home or building.


"Yes, we do commercial buildings!"

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