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The ATL electrical and automation teams worked directly with the owner on this amazing home, delivering a fantastic result!

Before entering the home, you will notice the gate, which is equipped with Intercom anywhere. When rung, the gate can be answered from inside the home or using a mobile device. Using the 4sight app, the intercom can be answered, even when out of the house.

The homes televisions are connected, allowing for easy access to the Control4 interface. Controlling all devices (like Sky, Netflix, Prime video & Apple TV). Keeping clutter from the living room, and instead stored in a data cabinet, out of sight. 

Tama also has comprehensive audio tied into the automation system. This includes audio distribution to the living room, terrace, dining room and TV room. All areas can play the same audio source, or each area has the ability to independently stream its own audio. All hardware is stored out of sight, with speakers recessed into the ceiling.

Multiple heating sources are also controlled through the Control4 system. Rather than a remote or app for each heating source, Control4 brings this all together, in the same interface for ease of use.

The cherry on top is the lighting automation. With control of the lighting in the living room and master bedroom and the ability to set ‘scenes’.

Scenes are customised scenarios that tie in different parts of the automation to one action.

Lower the lights, turn on your favourite Spotify playlist at a relaxing level. Lower the blinds and turn up the heat as you settle in and relax for the night. All from the press of one button.

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