With Control4's 4Sight app, you can view the status of your home and control it, from anywhere. 


The alarm status is shown on control4's 4Sight app.
garage automation


Your home is always in your hands

Access your Control4 smart home from anywhere. 

Receive notifications, check cameras & locks and control heating & cooling no matter where you are. 

Personalise your smart home

When >> Then allows you to edit schedules, customise your own scenes and make changes to existing scenes. 

When you hit the kitchen keypad twice, Then the TV turns on and switches over to the cooking channel. 


When the front door is opened, Then send me a notification

When it's sunset, Then turn on the porch light

Intercom anywhere

Make the most of your video intercom with Intercom Anywhere. 


Answer calls to your intercom no matter where you are in the world 

Notifications & alerts

Personalise your own push notifications.

Be alerted when your cameras detect movement or a door is opened.


Has the garage door has been open for more than 2 minutes? Get notified. You can then view the garage door through your CCTV and close it, all from your 4Sight app. 


Halls place exterior

Frequently asked questions

Is there an app to control all of my smart home devices?

Control4's app for OS3 is a sophisticated and easy way to access all of the smart devices in your Control4 smart home. 

No longer fill your phone's home screen with an app for each device, bring them together in an interface that looks the same, no matter the device you're controlling. 

What can you control in a smart home app?

By definition, any smart device in your home should be controllable through a Wi-Fi network. In most cases, this includes control through a mobile device. 

Most products are hosted on their own apps, however, you will likely find your home screen full as you collect connected devices. 

There are free smart home apps that help to centralise your smart home. These are usually fairly limited in the products they support and what you are able to c