A Yale smart home deadbolt with Zigbee



Integrate smart locks and your garage door into your Control4 system. 


The alarm status as shown through Control4's 4sight app
Take control of your home using Control4's 4Sight app


Customise notifications 

With Control4's custom notifications, you can be alerted when the kids arrive home from school or if the garage door has been opened. 

Want to know when the kids have arrived home from school? Get a notification. 

A code for everyone

Everyone who has access to your home can be given their own unique code. 

If the cleaner comes once a week on a Tuesday, set their custom code to only open the lock on Tuesday's. 

Have a tradie coming? Give them their own code which will only work for the day. 

Know what is open or closed

Check the status of your locks and doors, right from your Control4 app. 

Notifications & alerts

Personalise your own push notifications.

Be alerted when your cameras detect movement or a door is opened.


Has the garage door has been open for more than 2 minutes? Get notified. You can then view the garage door through your CCTV and close it, all from your 4Sight app. 


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Frequently asked questions

Is a smart lock safe?

Yes. ​

A key may be the only way to get into the house now, but lost keys and giving keys to others cause security risks. 

With a digital smart lock, you know who is coming and going and who has access. You also have the ability with unique codes to revoke access at any time. 

What is the best smart lock?

The best smart lock will depend on your needs. 

Some locks will simply let you open and close a door from your phone. Others will allow you to assign custom codes, so you know who is coming and going. Others can be activated with voice control or triggers from other smart home products.