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Lose yourself in a truly immersive cinema experience. Combine high-quality audio, video, lighting and comfort for an unrivalled home theatre. 


remote heating control through the Control4 app
Multiroom audio control using the Control4 app


Create a dedicated theatre room in your home

Immerse yourself in a theatre experience. 

Be captivated with a movie or your favourite TV show and be lost in the story. 

Control4 lets you create a cinematic escape, right in your home. 

High-quality audio & video

If you appreciate high-quality audio and video, only the best will do. 

Control4 manufactures high-end home theatre equipment, designed to produce an unsurpassed home theatre experience.


The theatre is orchestrated through a single interface, making an immersive movie night, effortless.

One remote to control it all

Create a cinema atmosphere with the touch of a button.

Hit 'movie night' and watch the magic.

Lights dim and blinds lower.

Speakers warm up. The TV ready for you to pick a movie to watch. 

Replace multiple remote and controllers with one, easy to use, universal controller. 

Create an atmosphere

Layer in controlled lighting to create an unrivalled experience. 

Lower lights when it's time to watch, set accent or aisle lighting to a low level, or wow your family and guests with a starlight ceiling. 

Orchestrated lighting is unsurpassed when creating a mood or atmosphere. 

Dolby Atmos

Elevate your home theatre experience with Dolby Atmos. 

Traditional surround sound comprised of a left and a right speaker. 

Surround sound added speakers beside and behind you. Wrapping you in sound. 

Dolby Atomos introduces speakers above you to make the experience even more vivid. Sound travels from all directions and captivates the most discerning sound enthusiast. 

A Dolby Atmos theatre-grade speaker system creates a true cinema experience. 


Control4 touch screen and TV at Marshlan
faq home the

Frequently asked questions

What is meant by home theatre?

A home theatre is an entertainment system designed for a home. It typically consists of a TV and an audio system with the goal of recreating a cinema experience. 

How much is a home theatre?

A home theatre can be achieved in an affordable way, but it's worth remembering that you pay for quality. 

Spending $500 on a small tv and some basic surround speakers will never deliver the same sound and video quality as an 8k, $10,000 television paired with 9.2 surround sound. 

Every family has a different expectation when it comes to a home theatre and that is considered in the specification. 

If you have a home cinema dream you would like to achieve, speak with our experts

How do I choose a home theatre?

Speak with an expert first. 

Things you will be asked to consider are:

Your budget - High-end audio and video equipment can be very expensive. Setting the budget will ensure you are being given options within your price range.

Space - You may find you are somewhat limited by the space you are working with. Audio/visual equipment can, in some cases, be stored in a data cabinet outside of the room. 

Existing equipment - You may already have some audio equipment, like an amp, you would like your system to incorporate. The equipment you have may dictate what you are able to achieve. 

Brands - Perhaps you have a preferred brand of speakers you really enjoy.

Wired vs wireless - A wired system is more reliable than wireless.

Hardwired equipment doesn't require charging and the sound you can achieve is superior. 

However, hardwiring audio equipment is not always practical. Technology has made great strides in the wireless space. You can now experience high-quality sound without running speaker cables. 

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