ATL Automation are an authorised Control4 dealer.

What is Control4?

Control4 is the system which ties everything together. It is the brain that runs your home and the interface in which you interact with.

Access the interface from TV's, in wall touch panels or on your mobile devices. The interface will look the same on all devices, no matter what you are viewing it on.

Control4 in your home

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What can Control4 do?

Smart Lighting

Make a scene with Control4 lighting

All lighting in your home will have the ability to be programmed for scenes and will become part of the Control4 solution. Timers can be utilised for switching outdoor lighting. Lights can be scheduled to automatically turn on at sunset. The options are endless when integrated with Control4.

Multiroom Audio

Multi room audio on the in wall Control4 touch panel.

Audio throughout the house will be integrated with Control4. Control the volume of each zone through the Control4 touchpanel, wall keypads or your smartphone/tablet. Enjoy high resolution audio streaming via services such as Spotify, Tidal or Deezer and well as Airplay direct from your Apple devices.


Video Control

Hide away all your clutter and create a true home theatre experience

You will only use the Control4 remote to control media - hide away all the others. The Control4 on screen menu will be provided on the selected TV's.


Front Door Intercom

Control4 door stations are designed to work seamlessly with the Control4 system

Communicate with guests at the front door via the Control4 video door station using the touch panel. With remote access (yearly subscription), this can happen when out and about on your smartphone.



Control4's 4 sight app allows you to monitor your home security from anywhere

Your house will be protected with a security solution, integrated with Control4. Integration will provide you with exciting features such as Mocupancy (simulated occupancy via smart lighting), push notifications (via remote access), and control of your alarm system through Control4.


WiFi and Internet

a reliable net work is the backbone to a smart home

The network infrastructure is the backbone of a Smart Home. If this is not correct the reliability of the system will be compromised. ATL allow for high speed WiFi and a managed network solution to be installed throughout the home. This includes network switches and a high end fibre compatible router.


Heating Control

Control4 in wall touch panels are used to control the climate in your home

Your various heating and cooling systems will be managed by Control4. Control your heating from the fixed touch panel or via smartphones and tablets connected to Control4.



Control your heating with Control4 using the 4sight subscription

Control your blinds and skylight from the Control4 interface. Clever programming can be implemented to maximise the efficiency of your home.


Voice Control

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With Amazon Alexa your house will respond to your voice. Set up lighting or media scenes for simple hands-free control of your home.

Control4 support

Do you have Control4 in your home, but you aren't happy with the service you are receiving with your current dealer?

The automation team at ATL would love to speak with you!

ATL's list of Control4 client's include inherited users. Whether your system is yet to be upgraded to the new OS 3 update, or something isn't working, our team of experiences technicians would love to help. 

Get in touch and see what we can do for you. 

ATL are authorised Control4 dealers and are local to Christchurch & Canterbury

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