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Buzzing and humming sounds

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

A humming or buzzing noise in your home can be a cause of annoyance, but is it dangerous?


Many homes these days are built with LED lights, but in some older homes, you may still have filament bulbs or fluorescent fittings.

Fluorescent lights are notorious for humming when in use. You might consider upgrading to a new high-quality LED fitting.

If you are using a filament bulb, try replacing it with a better quality bulb. Should the problem persist, it may be time to upgrade. Not only will you save power, but you will also be changing bulbs far less often.


New electric meters are virtually silent, but older meters have moving parts which can emit noise as they work.

Speak with your power company and after inspection, they may update this for you.


If you notice a humming coming from inside your walls, or from an electrical outlet, give us a call.

There is a risk that the wiring inside of your wall could spark a fire.

Call us on 0800 555 770 and an electrician can be sent out to identify the cause.


If you hear humming coming from your switchboard, this may indicate the breaker has failed to trip.

Call ATL immediately on 0800 555 770 to arrange for an electrician.


Not all electrical humming is cause for concern. however, if you're worried, it's always safer to err on the side of caution and speak with a registered electrician.


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