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Keeping your Home Safe with CCTV

Keeping everything secure with video surveillance has never been easier.

If you're concerned with the safety of your homes CCTV is a great way to help you feel safe and secure in your own home, even when you are not at home.

Our Registered Master Electricians have expertise mounting a variety of security systems on your property, and they can help you choose the best places to place them so that your security system performs at its peak.

When you have your cameras installed, they can be easily connected to a monitoring system.

This gives you:

  • Remotely access your camera so you can keep an eye on your property even when you are away from your home or business

  • Remote monitoring and notification alerts to a mobile or desktop of your choosing.

  • Videos that can be played back afterwards through a cloud system.

  • Downloadable options for sharing files.

Monitoring Movement

Video analytics has undergone a revolution thanks to machine learning and the quick development of deep learning techniques. The goal of object recognition technology is to identify items as belonging to a certain kind based on distinctive traits that are typical for that type. Thanks to these video analytics, these systems can distinguish between people, four-wheeled vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles and even objects like a parcel delivery.

Using this technique, the system only sends push notifications or sounds an alert when the necessary object is located. There will be fewer annoyance-inducing false alerts false recordings caused by shadows, different lighting conditions, swaying trees, or moving animals. As well as night vision with high-definition included.

Deterring suspicious activity

Security systems and CCTV cameras are an everyday necessity for a home, from preventing people from entering your property to other possible criminal activities. Having monitoring devices like outdoor security lights, alarms, and sensors can also help. However, in addition having security cameras serve as a deterrent, as you now have the ability to notify the local police so they may take immediate action against criminal activity.

When should I get my CCTV installed?

It's always a great time to have CCTV Installed. Whether it is coming up to Christmas time and you are taking time away from your home with your family for a holiday. Having cameras installed gives you an extra sense of security knowing that you have access to see your home 24/7 via your phone or desktop. Or, you are at home and you do hear a bump in the night. You can check this from the safety of your bed, even if it is just the wind. Having this peace of mind is worth getting CCTV installed at any time of the year. So why wait?


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