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Automated motorised blinds

Motorised blinds are becoming a staple in modern, energy-efficient homes. but why is this?

motorised blinds in a living room

Keep the sun out

The New Zealand sun can be very intense during the summer months.

At the hottest part of the day, your air-conditioning will be working extra hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Automated or motorised blinds can be set to lower at the hottest part of the day, taking pressure off your home heating and cooling system, reducing your energy use and lowering your power bills.

Control a single-blind, a wall of blinds or all of the blinds in the house.

Blind automation allows you to group your blinds.

Perhaps you want to control all the blinds on the north side of your home. Group these together and lower them all at once to stop the sun from shining in your face as you are cooking.

Smart blinds

Automated blinds can do some pretty clever things.

Easily set schedules in line with sunrise & sunset, or specific times of the day, depending on your routine.

Take your blind automation a step further and have the blinds open and close to reflect the weather.

On cold days, take advantage of the winter sun and set the blinds to close when the temperature starts to drop, preserving the heat in your home.

Great for hard to reach places

If you have any high windows, automated blinds are an excellent way of providing a window covering. The remote control and automation allow you to open and close the shade with the touch of a button.

Tie your blinds into scenes with your smart home system

If you have a home automation system such as Control4, you can control your blinds in conjunction with the other products in your home.

When the blinds lower before sunset, your home also illuminates the outside of the house, lighting your way home.

To find out more about automated blinds and Control4, speak with an expert.

Motorised blinds in a living room with a view

Frequently asked questions

Can existing roller blinds be motorised?

Yes. If you love your roller blinds, but you would like the convenience of motorised blinds, there are a few options.

#1 Smart chain rollers

A smart chain roller sits on the wall and the chain from your blind feeds into the body. This is then configured through your mobile device allowing you to control the blinds from anywhere.

The downsides to chain roller are that they need a power source, whether it's battery-powered, solar or cabled. They are also relatively expensive, ranging from $200 - $400, and most are bulky & ugly. The unit sits on the wall itself and there isn't any way to conceal this.

#2 Retrofit your current blinds with a new motor.

This is not possible in every situation, but retrofitting your blinds with a battery-powered motor could be a more affordable way to automate blinds.

The motor is small enough to fit inside the roller tube, making it a discreet option.

What is the best brand for motorised blinds?

There are a few brands that are synonymous with motorised blinds. Stick with well known, trusted brands such as QMotion & Somfy.

Somfy offers a 5-year guarantee on the motor and parts, while Legrande offers a lifetime warranty on the Qmotion products.

How long do the batteries last in motorised blinds?

The battery life of your blinds will be dictated by the amount you use them. on average, the 8 x AA batteries will last a year.

Can I control my blinds through an app or voice control?

This will depend on which brand of blinds you decide to install. Not all app-controlled blinds are equal. We recommend speaking with a smart home expert before buying smart blinds.

If you would like to know more, speak with the team at ATL.


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