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What is C-Bus?

Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider Electric is a lighting control & automation system. Traditionally used in commercial premises or high-end homes, C-Bus can be used to control a range of products including air conditioning & alarms.

C-Bus in commercial buildings

If you already have C-Bus

If your building has lighting automation through a C-Bus system, you have a robust framework to add further building control to.

C-Bus is easy to integrate with other automation control products.

More modern automation systems can be easily programmed to add other systems, such as air conditioning and security.

What can be achieved with C-Bus and automation control systems in your business?

Large commercial premises

Centralise multiple building functions into an easy-to-use monitoring and control system.

Manage your buildings various heating and cooling systems from a single interface.

Automatic occupancy detection recognises when there are occupants and keeps the building at a comfortable working temperature.

Tie your access control into your building management. Have lights turn on across the building as the first person enters in the morning.

Studies have shown time and time again that lighting levels are important to the health & productivity of employees. Set lights at the right level, every time.

Do your part for the environment by setting lights on timers & motion detectors. Reduce energy waste by limiting lighting to only rooms being used.

Take the pressure off your buildings HVAC system by lowering shades on windows at the hottest parts of the day.

The comfort of employees is also improved by keeping the sun out of eyes, off screens and out of faces.

Energy monitoring

Monitor your building's energy use.

Identify any anomalies early and address potential issues before they become major problems.


Bars, retail, cafes, boardroom or small office

Control4 is a great option for smaller business applications.

One-touch actions for retail

As a staff member arrives they can use their RFID card to disarm the premises alarm. This then sets off a chain of events.

Lights ramp up to the perfect level, a playlist starts playing softly through the store speakers. TV's turn on and a looped promotional video starts.

The heating and cooling system starts bringing the environment up to a comfortable temperature.

Control audio & visual elements for an office or boardroom.

With the rise of covid around the world and the increase of virtual meetings, more businesses are investing in virtual meeting setups.

The effectiveness of these setups relies on their simplicity. Everyone in the business should be able to easily launch and participate in the meetings.

Automation allows you to turn on the PC and TV, launch zoom and turn on your audio equipment, using one action.


C-Bus in your home

If your home is equipped with Clipsal C-Bus, the control you have of your home may range from lighting only to air conditioning, alarms and more.

There has been a recent rise in smart home technology. More products in your home are able to be controlled remotely.

There are various options for the way in which to interact with the products in your home. Your home and family will dictate which product is best for you.

If you have thought about upgrading your Clipsal C-Bus system and would like to learn more, speak with the experts at ATL first.


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